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Chinese food in London!

Dashuo saves your stomach

In London, there are more than 10,000 restaurants, where you can taste all kinds of surprises,English afternoon tea, Spanish barbecue, French dessert, Italian salad, Chinese restaurants in Chinatown… In London, you can taste delicious food from all over the world.

Chinese restaurants follow the footsteps of Chinese people all over the world, however, it is difficult to get along in London’s gastronomic world without talent.

Get out of King Cross St. Pancras, walk past coffee shops, bakeries, and enjoy the tranquility of the British Library. Walking slowly along the red brick building, Dashuo, the Chinese Restaurant stands in the middle of the block, waiting for you.

Red brick walls remind people of the quiet years of their hometown. Push open the door, the white wall grey brick of the folk house of south water country shows incisively and vividly here.

Bright and elegant lines and retro Chinese-style partitions make people feel like being in a private tea house where you can enjoy tea and make friends. When people dine and drink, the ancient and modern interweave into a scene, pleasing to the eye.


The floor-to-ceiling windows of the ground floor private rooms offer views of London streets. With sunset clouds, taste special food with friends and enjoy a comfortable life. The restaurant is equipped with a karaoke system. After dinner, you can enjoy music with friends.

Go downstairs, comfortable and private rooms, whether it is a business meeting or a gathering with family and friends, here is the best choice~

Why is there a Dashuo Chinese restaurant in London?

Charles He, head chef of Dashuo Chinese Restaurant in London, has worked in various five-star hotels in Shanghai and other high-end restaurants in the UK for more than 30 years. He has led his team to do state banquet and palace banquet. Therefore, both cooking skills and management experience are excellent.

During the years working in the UK, Charles He experienced various changes in the food world. He wanted to inject new strength into the London food world, but He never found the right opportunity.

By chance, after communicating with friends Mr Zhou and his wife, and analyzing the catering market in UK, they decided to bring more high-quality Chinese food to the public, and bring the catering brand “Dashuo High-end Club” from China to London. Adapted to time and local conditions, this is what makes Da Shuo London Chinese Restaurant today.

The popularization of Private house cuisine

When visiting London, what can remind your memory of “home” better than Chinese food?

In Chinese restaurants in London, Cantonese and Sichuan dishes are more popular. It is difficult to find Zhejiang or Shanghai cuisine, but Charles He did it. Dashuo Chinese restaurant focuses on Zhejiang cuisine and Benbang cuisine, and combines Sichuan, Hunan and Cantonese cuisine elements to enrich the taste of traditional Southern cuisine.

Dashuo London Chinese Restaurant takes into account the taste buds of different customers, where you can not only enjoy the delicacy of Southern cuisine, but also try the spicy and delicious flavor of Xiangchuan. Friends in London, a wonderful journey of taste is about to begin. Are you ready?

Unforgettable taste on the tip of the tongue

Dashuo Chinese Restaurant, whose dishes are mainly seafood, can take you to taste all kinds of delicious flavors of crab, shrimp and fish.

“Autumn wind, crab legs itch, September round umbilicus October tip…”  The most exciting moment for foodies is right here. It is no exaggeration to say that a truly good “crab ” is difficult to find.

Only carefully selected Braised Crabs, the meat is white, tender and firm, yellow and fatty, making people salivate. Steam for 20 minutes, then serve with fresh ginger and vinegar. After eating, drink a cup of hot ginger tea, harmonize Yin and Yang, lasting for a long time.

As the saying goes: I would rather try fresh shrimp instead of half a basket of miscellaneous fish. The thin-shelled and meat fat prawns, and the garlic and chili sauce perfect collision, each shining to make people mouth-watering luster, the deliciousness reaches the bottom of the heart, making people more addicted to eating.

Didn’t eat enough shrimp and crab? There is also a special seafood hot pot! Creamy white and fragrant soup base, with fresh ingredients, clams, scallops… it’s just a mouthful!

Ma Po Tofu, Spicy Chicken with Dry Chili, Minced Aubergine… Even ordinary home cooking, the chef can make a unique taste.

The dishes are delicious and look appetizing! From light to heavy, it keeps provoking your taste buds, and makes you want to explore the delicacy on the tip of your tongue.

Time is hard to come by, food is hard to come by, and a good place is even harder to come by.

 Being in this leisurely and private place, and finding that the long-awaited loneliness has not been disappointing, this is the charm of Dashuo Chinese Restaurant, which retains the original flavor of the ingredients to the greatest extent, just to let you feel the authentic private taste and comfort your “stomach” in a foreign country.

The streets full of literary and artistic atmosphere hide the long-awaited taste of the tongue. With delicious food, every day is so wonderful, Dashuo Chinese Restaurant welcomes you to enjoy the art of food and discover the happiness of life.