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When visiting London, what can remind your memory of “home” better than Chinese food?
Zhong Ming Ding Shi*** are hidden in the city; the feast of the leaders is Dashuo.
Ancient emperors lived a very luxurious life, Dashuo Chinese Restaurant combines different styles and gathers delicious food and drinks from all over the world. You can not only enjoy the delicacy of Southern cuisine, but also try the spicy and delicious flavor of Xiangchuan.
***In ancient times, when the nobles had meals, they would play bells and eat all kinds of precious food at the height of prosperity

The decoration style is elegant implicative, dignified and rich, the perfect combination of classical and modern, the coexistence of tradition and fashion, the perfect interpretation of the new Chinese style Zen rational and quiet. Dashuo insists on adhering to the essence of culinary art, gathering the delicious flavors of the time, and strives to make every dish not only creative but also in line with traditional tastes. Dashuo is waiting for your tasting!

In Chinese restaurants in London, Cantonese and Sichuan dishes are more popular. It is difficult to find Zhejiang or Shanghai cuisine, but you can taste them in Dashuo. Dashuo Chinese restaurant focuses on Zhejiang cuisine and Benbang cuisine, and combines Sichuan, Hunan and Cantonese cuisine elements to enrich the taste of traditional Southern cuisine.

Dashuo Chinese Restaurant, whose dishes are mainly seafood, can take you to taste all kinds of delicious flavors of crab, shrimp and fish. There is also a special seafood hot pot! Creamy white and fragrant soup base, with fresh ingredients, clams, scallops… it’s just a mouthful!

unforgettable deliciousness

Ma Po Tofu, Spicy Chicken with Dry Chili, Minced Aubergine… Even ordinary home cooking, the chef can make a unique taste.

The dishes are delicious and look appetizing! From light to heavy, it keeps provoking your taste buds, and makes you want to explore the delicacies on the tip of your tongue.

Being in this leisurely and private place, and finding that the long-awaited loneliness has not been disappointed, this is the charm of Dashuo Chinese Restaurant, which retains the original flavour of the ingredients to the greatest extent, just to let you feel the authentic private taste and comfort your “stomach” in a foreign country.


Bespoke Events

We offer a variety of dishes to choose from, as well as a custom menu. 

Wedding banquets, seminars and conferences, birthday parties, Christmas parties, corporate events and business meeting, and other special celebrations. Here is the best choice ~

Authentic Chinese Taste, Made in london

our expert chefs

Delicious and unique

I just got some take away after a long meeting and this place has always stood out for me as something different. The Devore looks like something out of the 60s where you might see the Brady bunch hang out but it works.th menu is so different and the range of food just fabulous. I had been reading some articles about the nutritional value of tripe. I know I know WHAT!!!.yep they to this huge cold starter of tripe greens peanuts and chili and chili oil. Omg it’s gorgeous, the combination of flavours so interesting and delightful.
Then a simple dish of shanghai greens done in garlic and again just beautiful things happening in my mouth. This is a must do place.take away or eat in its magnificent. Whatever you have from the menu it will be a surprise delight. Be adventurous and you won’t be disappointed.

Peter D

Watford, United Kingdom

Great food. Just order small plates until you’re full

We just needed some dim-sum – some dumplings, some asian veges, and a few pots of chinese tea – as a light dinner. This place was lovely, and full of chinese people so always a good sign.

Really enjoyed it and will try to come back next time I’m in London.


Leeds, United Kingdom

Excellent Authentic Hot Pot

I have dined in this restaurant on several occasion and every time is just great. Be prepared, this is not a typical Chinese English Restaurant, it is completely authentic and serves dishes what you would expect to eat in China. It specialises in Hot Pot which is basically a large broth that you put raw vegetables, fish and meat into and cook them yourself on your own table. The taste is amazing and helps me bring back memories of my travels to China. Price wise, very affordable just £20.00 per person and eat at much as you like (they bring extra food on request). Paul the manager is great and has a very welcoming manner. 10/10


London, United Kingdom

New favourite place

Went for dinner after a working day. Mainly chinese and businessmen remembering their days working in China. Friendly staff, though not the best English speakers. I had some duck for starters which was excellent. Then I went for some special beef with lots of chili, and though my eyes were teary, (it was 2 chilis hot) the taste was fantastic.


Dundee, United Kingdom

sign of good chinese food

we( Family of 5)were looking for good chine restaurant near Euston station before coming back to Birmingham and found on the web site open around 5 pm. At the entrance we were told fully booked because of forth coming Chinese New Year and need to leave the table by 6:30 I had quick look on the menu were interesting and agreed to take the table. we ordered main courses only as we had leave the table in short time. When the food came came they were nicely presented on the palate they were amazing comparing other restaurants in china town in London. Dishes taste like authentic Chinese.Average priced good vale for money; only a bit disappointing point was there were no noodles or chowmein preparation but it was compensated with other good Dishes.
Overall highly recommended.


London, United Kingdom

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